About Us

Connie and Brendan became guardians of Finca Son Barrina in 1997 while searching for organic food for their young son. The finca is still known on as one of the first organic farms on Mallorca, and they have continued evolve over the past three decades.

The finca’s development has had many layers and dimensions, from children’s gardening clubs to hosting dozens of permaculture courses with world-famous experts. There was even an organic farm shop for fifteen years which brought people here from all over the island, and many friendships were formed.

Now the farm continues to do its part for the environment by planting trees, creating a so-called “food forest”, and using one section as a demonstration site which is used by the Youth in Permaculture (JEP) of Mallorca.

In the years since the organic shop closed, Connie rediscovered her family’s artistic roots and fell deep into glass fusion. She is passionate about sustainability, and glass represents this. Glass can nearly always be remelted and recreated. Even when a piece is finished and installed, glass has a unique look depending on its light or position.

Brendan uses wood in its many forms for his art. He has always chosen the path of least environmental impact, so his artistic passion and method is all about reusing and upcycling wood, be it wood that has been storm-felled, existing furniture or even something as simple as a palette. He finds ways of repurposing these items to give them a new lease on life.

Son Barrina Gallery was opened in August 2021 to display their art as well as create a space where others can share their works and artistic passion. 

Let’s build something together.